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Probably you have been or will be, in a situation that you need a new computer. When the decision has already been made, somehow you have gathered the necessary funds (not-so-small), and you began purchasing.

During the buying process, the real problem begin. What and how to choose, do I need everything merchant trying to sell? Labels, numbers and abbreviations, with an accompanying text which, if you’re lucky, is in Czech, all is you can get. To you, of course, all this means very little, and vendor is rubbing his hands.

Get rid of these problems and contact Creator. Years of experience combined with regular monitoring of the latest computer technology are a guarantee that we can recommend exactly the ideal ratio of what you need and the money you’re willing to spend.

Similarly, we can estimate if it is worth upgrading your old computer.

When we determine needs, we will offer you best buying conditions. Computers are here assembled and tested, we install the required software (optional instalation of Linux platform, which is free) and delivered.

Read our article about buying a computer.

Naša poslovnica u Prezidu

U trgovini u Čabru u ponudi imamo više od tri tisuće različitih artikala.

In our shop  in Čabar, we offer more than three thousand different items.

We also offer different ways of payment (cash, credit transfer, credit cards, installment payments, checks …).

Contact us with confidence, because we know to appreciate your money.

Trading hours:

Pon – Pet: 09.00 – 16.00
Sub: 09.00 – 13.00
Nedjelja i praznici zatvoreno.